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And Thank You for Visiting!  Please feel free to look around, and by all means take advantage of my property search tools and menus, they are all there for you to learn and explore locations and feel free to play around with your searches.


From time to time, I will post some of the latest statistics, and happenings here on Oahu. Including new lender programs, some existing ones that you may not know about, and even some trendy ideas and concepts that may relate to you and your new home.

This New Year of 2017, I hope to dedicate more time to providing you necessary information that can help you prepare to sell, or even prepare to arrive.

Subjects that will be covered this year shall include:

Preparing your pets to move to Hawaii. Referencing Department of Hawaii’s Agriculture and Animal transportation requirements and restrictions.  (Moving a pet to Hawaii is more difficult that the United States and it’s best to know what the requirement policies will during these times).

Fannie Mae small business programs for buyers

USDA 100% Financing and the Areas that are approved here on Oahu.

Requirements to Qualify for the Mortgage Credit Certificate program for 1st time home buyers.  And… What is the definition of a “First-Time Home Buyer”?

This new thing we call “The Vog” and how it is affecting your health here in Hawaii.

A new Freddie Mac Program rolling out 2017 for helping families own a home with less money down and “Shared Union Equity”.- Stay tuned.. we need more information!

You, the Veteran and your entitlement benefits at 100% financing.. and  VA Loan Limits for Honolulu county is still at $721,050.  What this means to you is that even if you own a home in the Continental USA, you can still subtract that difference with the loan limit here, and still buy another home at conceivably 100%!  Ask me how.

A little secret called “Ship-to-Hawaii”. We are a dot in the middle of nowhere.. how can I ship random items to me?

And my favorite question.. “Why the heck isn’t there an Ikea store here??” – And after being here on Oahu awhile, you may also ask yourself “Why the heck are we not all driving tinier cars?”- and some random fun-stuff like that.

And…. One of my most favorite subjects.. FOOD!  Local places to eat.. And I LOVE TO EAT!

Again Thanks for Visiting!  Please come again and stay awhile if you wish. (And feel free to drop me a message on Face Book. I would love for you to share your stories, questions or inquires.. don’t be a stranger)

May you have the Most Prosperous, Healthy, and Happy New Year!

With the Warmest Aloha,


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