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As a real estate agent here in Hawaii, my specialty is in providing the best and most thorough service to families and investors searching for buying or selling homes and investments. I help families identify their needs, and prepare them for the entire process of home ownership or preparations for selling.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, there are many components to the process.  These can often be too overwhelming. For most, buying or selling a home doesn’t happen too often and help is needed with understanding the process and preparations.

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions anyone can make, allow me make that experience easier for you, and protect your best interest.  (It’s all about YOU.. remember?)  Let me help you get prepared. Qualifying and finding initial help can often be the biggest hurdles toward getting started.

Helping families whether they are growing families, military, first-time buyers, snow birds, investors, and empty-”nesters” all have different needs. So, let’s talk, and let’s find solutions together.

Because we are islands, literally in the middle of nowhere, the the journey is far for many of our new residents (even just to get here!). Assistance with transition and location is greatly needed.   The help starts long before you set foot on our tropical isles.

Growing up here in Hawaii has given me a distinct advantage of allowing me to help you find the right location for your tropical home and familiarity of neighborhoods and developments.


Having a background in marketing, design, digital graphics and photography gives me an edge for you sellers who want their home showcased and shining. As a photographer, I am able to provide your digital images for both interiors, exteriors (and aerials)  giving your home the right amount of visual sparkle. My knowledge in understanding the market and market trends can take your sale to the next level.


Allow me to share my experiences with you…


Over the years, real estate has been one of my passions (when I say one, well it’s because I have a belief of quality of life, and a home is a perfect place to start)


They say to be successful in business you should really know your business. To be a good boss, you should know something about the roles your employees do, right?

My journey into real estate started over 25 years ago, a lot of self-study in real estate, pre-licensing education and business in college, a career in mortgage banking, and an apprenticeship in property appraising.  Assistant to Broker,   private money investors, real estate due diligence and research, property foreclosures, lender negotiations and document processing for loan modifications and short sales. NNA NSA Notary lender closings and working with clients in residential real estate sales keeps me actively on the move today.

Yes, I love what I do! And I am grateful to be here, right now.

Let’s talk!

You are welcome to contact me anytime by email or write to me on Facebook and share your experiences and desires. Please feel free to use my searches and if you find an area of interest, I can customize your searches to be emailed to you whenever a new listing is available!

I am here for you.. Remember.. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU…

Thank You for visiting my website, and I look forward to seeing you again…

With the Warmest Aloha,


*10% agent commissions donated to charity

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